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January 29, 2013

If you use a Blackberry smart phone then chances are you would be utilizing the Blackberry messenger service especially if your friends has the same type of cell phone. Currently this program is the preferred choice over sms messages. This is primarily due to the fact it is a free app which utilizes the Blackberry network to send messages back and forth unlike the text message system. In addition you would be able to do quite a bit more than the regular sms messaging such as sending multimedia files (e.g.), smiles and also pinging which comes in handy.

 It is so heavily utilised that many people share personal and confidential information across bbm and this is without thinking twice. The thought that someone maybe spying on their bbm communications do not even come to their mind. However; that possibility is present in the world today by the use of special monitoring apps. The Blackberry messenger spy programs allows anyone to monitor your interactions in complete stealth without your knowledge. Also, the fact that you erase your conversations would not make a difference because the program would have already captured it.

The worst part about someone using a bbm monitoring app on you is that he can see more than just Blackberry messenger communications. The person would also be able to monitor the Blackberry's location;  view text messages; emails and virtually any data the phone may have stored in it. All of this is done remotely and in real time so the individual will be up-to-date with your activities.

How exactly does this function?

The true secret for software which tap Blackberry messenger to work is to gain access to the Blackberry which is to be monitored. Once that is accomplished it is just a matter of downloading and setting up the mobile phone application.  The moment that the set up is accomplished the app would certainly initiate logging your conversations and after that sending these particular logs towards the individual by way of the mobile's data service or even wireless. As soon as the web server catches the details it is ready to be displayed by the user. It is just a matter of the user visiting the web site to view what you have been up to. It may sound nuts but that's how it is. No one has to sneak through your phone again to spy on bbm and other communications

How do I combat the software?

The most beneficial defence from bbm spy software program is to not allow people to acquire your phone so conveniently. In that way it won't be possible to install the app onto the Blackberry on the other hand perhaps, it better yet to password protect the phone and in that way no one has the ability to reach it without you knowing.  However; if there is a likelihood that a person in fact downloaded the spy software on your Blackberry mobile phones you will have to wipe the device. In that way you would definitely make sure that any spy applications has become eliminated.

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